The Industrial Biotechnology initiative of Reliance Life Sciences encompasses:

  • Biopolymers
  • Biochemicals
  • Enzymology

Reliance Life Sciences is involved in bioprocess innovation and development from process inception to industrial level production of Biopolymers, Biofuels and Biochemicals, employing microbial, plant, animal cells and cellular metabolites.


Poly Lactic Acid (PLA)

Reliance Life Sciences has developed a complete process for production of Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) from renewable feedstocks by bacterial fermentation. Reliance Life Sciences has scaled up the process by a factor of 1,000.

Reliance Life Sciences is also developing co-polymers - (of Lactic and Glycolic Acid - PolyLactic-co-Glycolic Acid or PLGA) - of varying ratios and other biodegradable polymers including Polyvinylcaprolactums, Polyurethanes for biomedical applications. Reliance Life Sciences is also developing drug-delivery systems based on nanotechnology using PLA/PLGA for generic drugs as well as therapeutic proteins. Other application that is being pursued involves preparation of fibres of PLA/PLGA/PGA by wet/melt spinning for sutures, scaffolds etc

Hyaluronic acid

Reliance Life Sciences has developed a process for obtaining highly pure, medical grade Hyaluronic acid by bacterial fermentation. Hyaluronic acid, a biopolymer with high demand in cosmetics and biomedical industries, is also used as a lubricant for osteoarthritis and visco-elastic surgery for removing wrinkles, and in other cosmetic surgeries.

1, 3-Propane-diol

Reliance Life Sciences has developed a process for the production of 1,3 propane-diol by bacterial fermentation. 1,3 propanediol is used as a monomer for producing biodegradable polyesters, polyethers and polyurethanes. The bio-based propanediol has been successfully converted to fibre grade third generation polymer, polytrimethylene terepthalate.


Reliance Life Sciences is developing a range of biochemicals from fermentation processes for medical and nutraceutical applications.


Reliance Life Sciences is pursuing research programs in Enzymology in the following areas:

  • Industrial Enzymes for Biofuels
  • Therapeutic Enzymes

Reliance Life Sciences is focusing on production of low-cost, specific and efficient enzymes. Technology innovation is centred on molecular modelling guided enzyme engineering with the objective of obtaining hyper-catalytic enzymes with high specificity. This integrated strategy helps isolate and / or engineer enzymes for very high catalysis.

Reliance Life Sciences is exploring biocatalysts with special properties through screening and innovative technologies to develop industrial processes and products.

Industrial Enzymes for Biofuels

Under the Industrial Enzymes program, Reliance Life Sciences is involved in production of biomass degrading enzymes such as Glucoamylase, Cellulase, Hemicellulase and other enzymes such as Lipase, Glucose isomerase etc.

Reliance Life Sciences has developed enzyme-based processes for bioethanol production from biomass and is actively engaged in enzyme based technology development for biobutanol production from biomass.

Therapeutic Enzymes

Under the Therapeutic enzymes program, Reliance Life Sciences is involved in developing process for production of enzymes like Staphylokinase, Glucocerebrosidase, etc.