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ReliNethra® is the first stem cell-based therapy in the country. It is an autologous limbal stem cell composite graft, prepared from the limbal biopsy excised from the healthy eye of the patient.

ReliNethra®comprises of limbal epithelial stem cells cultured ex vivo on human amniotic membrane (HAM).

Cellular Component: Limbal epithelial cells

Matrix Component: Basement membrane of HAM

It is a 4 cm2 denuded human amniotic membrane with cultured autologous limbal biopsy explants with 80% of the cells positive for p63 marker.

ReliNethra®Limbal transplant leads to renewal of ocular surface epithelial cells thereby replacing the damaged ocular surface with smooth and healthy cells. Limbal stem cell transplant results in re-epithelialization of the reconstructed corneal surface. Continuous centripetal movement of cultured corneal epithelium on the human amniotic membrane towards the visual axis treats the damaged ocular surface by smooth reconstruction.

ReliNethra® Transplant is indicated in unilateral partial and total limbal stem cell deficiency conditions like:

  • Chemical burns
  • Thermal burns
  • Mechanical injuries to cornea
  • Ionizing radiation injuries
  • Multiple surgical procedures or cryotherapies affecting the limbal region
  • Contact lens-induced keratopathy
  • Severe microbial keratitis
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome

The protocol of the product includes Agreement with the doctor, informed consent of the patient, planning for limbal biopsy of the same patient, processing into the ReliNethra®graft and planning the transplantation in the affected eye.