We have the capabilities to provide thorough cardiac safety studies on the basis of ICH E14 industry guidance. The QTc center is fully operational with Mortara equipment.


  • H-Scribe 4.21.01
  • E-Scribe Rx Workstation 1.24 Build 201
  • E-Scribe Rx Server 1.24 Build 201
  • MORTARA H12+: Continuous12-LEAD digital Holter recorder
  • MORTARA H-Scribe: 12 Lead Holter Analysis
  • MORTARA E-scribe: Data Management System
  • Telemetry antennae installation in the clinics
  • Dedicated Backup on Server

We have demonstrated compliance with the HL7annotated ECG standard that was evaluated using Mortara E-Scribe Warehouse validation module, Version 2.1. Our TQT/QTc process revolves around:
  • ECG acquisition
  • Determining baseline
  • Describe Data Management
  • Computing QTc