Facility Facility features Central Pharmacy  

Reliance offers facilities to store clinical supplies under customer-specified conditions with complete access control and disaster management and recovery processes. Supply distribution is tracked through delivery to sites in accordance with Reliance SOPs.

Reliance can store:



Stem cells
Genomic DNA Bone marrow Biopsies
Serum Tissue specimens Drugs
Biologicals including vaccines Medical Devices Kits


Ambient temperature Area: +15 C to +25 C
  • Centralized AC
  • Digital data logger
Cold Rooms: +2 C to +8 C
Freezers: -14 C to -20 C, -35C
Deep Freezers: -70 °C
  • 2 HP hermetic sealed compressor
  • BMS & thermograph chart recorder
Facility features:
  • Internally illuminated
  • Anti-locking mechanism for user safety
  • Automatic defrosting cycle for cold rooms
  • 3 tier power backup
  • On-line temperature & circular chart recorder
  • Separate racks for different material
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant temperature monitoring system
  • Computerized Building Management System
  • 2HP hermetic sealed compressors per cold room - 1 functional, 1 stand-by
  • Audible alarms and LED display

Central Pharmacy Services:
  • Packaging, labeling and bar-coding of each sample as per randomization schedule
  • Dedicated pharmacy services and dispensing facilities for solid, liquid and parenteral dosage forms
  • Abundant sample archival facilities with temperature monitoring systems and back-up generators.