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Medical Writing

Medical Writing at Reliance Life Sciences includes regulatory, marketing, clinical and educational document writing services including peer-review publications. The team has expertise in developing scientific documents in accordance to the SOPs and customized per sponsor’s requirements that comply to ICH GCP guidelines.

The capabilities are:

  • Protocol Design & Development
  • Clinical Study Report
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Patient Event summaries
  • Scientific Research and Consultation
  • Marketing Materials
    • Product Monographs
    • Patient Information Leaflets
    • Product Information Brochures
    • Abstracts
    • Posters
    • Manuscripts
    • Scientific/ promotional texts
    • Press releases
    • Publications
    • Query Management-related documents
  • Peer-review Publications
  • Post-Marketing Surveillance
    • Call Center – to triage and collect event data
    • Literature search
    • Post-marketing surveillance protocol designing
    • Coding and training and consulting in coding
    • Data processing and reporting to regulatory authorities
    • Periodic Safety Update Reports
  • Post Approval Services
    • Review of promotional materials
    • Review of label changes
    • Off-label uses and promotions
    • Strategic planning for new indications